Yes I realize it’s a bit strange that I journal certain dreams the way I do.

For the past several years I’ve been dealing with a serious illness that often causes my mind and body to be in a state of serious fatigue. I liken the way it feels to an old 12-volt car battery that can no longer hold a charge for very long. It can do anything any other 12-volt car battery can do but only for a very short period of time before it’s exhausted all its electrical capacity. I can do something simple that to you is so small you consciously give no thought to the energy you expended to accomplish it. To me I can do something as simple as ride to town and walk in and out of one store and feel like I’ve hit a brick wall and have lost all my charge for a while. This lack of being able to hold much of an energy charge causes me to sleep every opportunity I get as my best effort of recharging and where an average nap might be one to two hours for most it’s not uncommon for me to nap for four to six hours at a time and even experience multiple naps in a single day plus an all night sleep.

I only share the above information to make a point relative to this article. It seems more of my life right now is spent asleep than awake. I happen to be a vivid dreamer to the degree I doubt most could truly understand. My senses often seem as alert during REM sleep as they are awake. I can smell, taste, hold conversations with people and recognize then again in later dreams, yet don’t know them here in the waking world. The most amazing aspect of my dreaming life for me however is the depth of knowledge and understanding of natural laws, principles, patterns, etc. I seem to have in the dream world that once awakened, I lose it almost immediately. I sometimes get hung in a REM dream state yet am not quite asleep just yet and I know this because I know I’m dreaming yet am aware of certain things around me like the sound of a fan, knowing someone just walked into the room etc. yet still also see, hear, etc. what I’m experiencing in my dream. In those times I tend to talk out loud a lot, why I don’t know. My wife will share with me later conversations I was having with someone or was talking like some Einstein at a large chalk board trying to explain something far above my real understanding and probably for the most part not actually real, but it was for me there and then in my dream state. Who knows, some may be real and I just can’t grasp what I was trying to convey once awake.

Ok, that was a long introduction but I want to give you an example as best I can (and trust me I’ll miss a lot of all I might could have possibly written if I hadn’t waited two days to work up the mental energy to try and write this article representing my current memory of this particular dream). This effort may just be for me to simply preserve and most who read it have every right to potentially think I’m a real cuckoo for sharing something this bizarre. But… there may be that one person somewhere that somehow made it right here, right now, that gets it to some degree and maybe even understands something shared as a real principle or tidbit of actual proven knowledge embedded in the dream. Either way, I’m getting older and less concerned about such matters.

In this particular dream I was somehow just floating around looking at the universe moving around through it with complete ease observing many things as I moved about, apparently both to and from different places where distance between them meant nothing and time as well had no real bearing. What I realized in this experience is that there is not one bit of space where it is just empty, void space, At the level I could see ( there are deeper levels but this was enough for me ) everything is made up of what we know as atoms. There is no space no matter how small that is not occupied by an atom. The grouping of these atoms are in absolutely infinite variations of structure and as such are the material components that make up everything that exist. There is no difference between a strand of hair, a drop of water, a molecule of granite or steel, a flower, and on and on and on until you cover everything that exist at the most granular level imaginable when you realize the building blocks that construct it to whatever it is. Even space beyond our atmosphere, though void of many things we have within our atmosphere is still 100% full of atoms one against another grouped in many ways forming all the material and seemingly immaterial elements of space.

All atoms by virtue of their individual makeup include a nucleus that include a certain number of protons with a given assigned number of  electrons spinning at perfect distances and speeds around the nucleus. This makeup and exact movement emits a very specific frequency. It’s this orchestra of frequencies that attract, repel, and determine how each and every atom plays it’s role where it’s at as part of the makeup of whatever element it happens to be serving the purpose given by God to serve at that moment. And as we well know, atom structures are in constant change creating and changing all that we know from one thing to another. This is how we have chemistry, music, and even emotions. Yes emotions as a great example if you understand how the various arrangements of atoms from the air, food, liquid, etc. within you emit frequencies within every bit of space in your mind and body making up all you are and change your thoughts, emotions, etc. as the great electrical web we know as the brain is in constant change due to the electrical impulses created from the ever changing arrangement of atomic structures created by everything we take in and out material and seemingly immaterial )

It’s more difficult to explain time and how time is just like space with just as many variations and structures that it too is a web that can be traversed if we only knew and could understand it’s constructs, the laws it operates by as instructed by it’s creator etc.Time is nothing more that the sum total of every atom everywhere being exactly constructed as it is, being where it is, and what it is a component of at that exact moment. It’s like a snapshot of everything material where only God has the capacity to know where each and every atom He created is doing at this moment making up and creating our reality to the deepest and most granular level we can comprehend. Each of those snapshots make up a moment we call time. That complete makeup and arrangement of His gigantic orchestra of atoms singing their individual frequencies changes every micro moment according to God’s instructions as their composer and the whole world, even many worlds, all slightly change in structure with each and every snapshot he creates. That’s time, a collection of material snapshots one following another and each and every one recorded by the creator.

In this particular dream I learned I could travel by merely floating through space and time and yet with even the slightest change or alteration of anything at all, so much changes around you thus the reason God alone understands what I’m experiencing and I nor anyone else outside of this dream state opportunity I’ve been given to spend as sacred time in God”s very presence with somewhat of an understanding of what is happening both in me and around me that will immediately dissipate when I awake, I won’t take any of the true knowledge and understanding with me from the dream state to the awakened, just the feeling that I’ve just came from and experienced something awesome and there is so much more out there that’s very real than we could ever know. I often have to believe if it were possible to completely live our every moment in God’s perfect instruction and will, wow what we could possibly know and experience beyond what we believe possible today. What we believe as and call miracles are but brief momentary gifts from God allowing someone to experience this much deeper construct and what it is capable of creating and/or changing of anything and everything within His infinite creation.

In this dream I wanted to find a way that my wife Steph and I could always meet and spend quality time together with time and distance from each other unable to separate us for that gifted collection of moments. These meetings could not be abused in any way according to the rules making each meeting possible for even a moment or we’d instantly lose the match up and return to wherever and whenever we came from at that moment. It was like us both knowing a very specific set of coordinates within an unimaginably enormous web that I can vaguely see in my mind even now so complex there is no way our human minds can even begin to comprehend in any capacity all the many individual points you’d have to know what to do, which thread to follow, how, when, etc. etc. Yet, I did find a coordinate where we two could exist in the exact same space and time together for a short period of time. It was a special gift from God so special and so easily lost if either missed even one junction, direction, thread, thought, etc. outside of His very specific instructions. I named this coordinate 11136405.

At this point in the dream I was apparently actually saying “11136405” over and over and over out loud in my sleep as if trying to commit it to a deep state of memory. Steph got out of bed and wrote this number on the glass mirror  in the master bath with a dry erase marker. It was really freaky for me to later wake up and see this number written on that glass. It gave me chill bumps on chill bumps with fragments of the dream briefly returning to memory enough to remember that what I’m seeing is a coordinate to a place and time that took me all night to get to, realize what it truly meant, and then commit all it will take each journey to get there with every step, rule, direction, thread chosen, thoughts aligned perfectly etc. as required to get there, yet the reward when I got there was my eternal soulmate and quality time with her for whatever period of time that one opportunity was meant to be, then we again separated until the next gifted opportunity.

I’m so blessed to be in the here and now with her in my mortal life on this earth. I cherish every moment with my gift from God as my bride and soulmate, every single moment! That is is the primary resulting thoughts resulting from this particular very vivid dream upon awakening. I can clearly see that at the deepest level of my being, at the most subconscious level, this is how much she means to me. I do honestly believe that we’ll be together again and for always at this perfect coordinated spot in space and time when we are required to leave this life and be separated for a window of time that will seem like a single breath once together again. We’ll call this special place Heaven!

God Bless!

Blane Sheffield

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