To explain the title…

The inspiration for this writing comes from Matthew 9:36–38 (NASB 2020)

Matthew 9:36–38 (NASB 2020) – 36 Seeing the crowds, He felt compassion for them, because they were distressed and downcast, like sheep without a shepherd. 37 Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. 38 Therefore, plead with the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest.”

As I was recently reading this passage of scripture, I envisioned a position opening posting by an employment company and the resume for the position. I thought, “what would they look like?“.

I coupled this thought with my desire to apply for this position with all my heart and mind focused towards being selected. Then, not only give this new job my best, but through me as He wills, help other brothers to do so. “Lord, please consider me as You will and if You find me worthy, use me to help disciple other men to live in the service of Your Kingdom during this great harvest.

Join me here as I do my best to break down this verse and learn as much as possible from it.

Plead—From the original Greek word “parakaleo” best translating to the English word “Beseech”. I see other translations of the Bible using the words “Pray”, “Supplicate”, “Plead”, “Beg”. I get a powerful impression we’re being instructed to seriously, from a deep burden, sincerely, approach the Lord of the harvest with our request!

The Lord of the Harvest—In my envisioning the “position requirements “of the employer seeking to employ workers for this job, I see God as the owner of this great field. Jesus Christ is the manager of this field and task with complete oversight of the field’s operations from breaking the ground, seeding, working to maintain optimum growing conditions, and finally, harvesting the product of the field for its intended use. The field supervisor is the Holy Spirit who provides the inner power, guidance, everything each worker needs to be his best. He also is constantly going to the Owner standing for our request and needs and returns to us with His answers and provisions of those requests.

Send Out Workers—Alright, now I’m imagining the Human Resources department of the Harvest Field company engaging the help of an employment agency to begin a deep search through their database of applicants that best meet the criteria the Lord of the harvest has described to them in the position requirements.

As I read through the position requirements posted, I’m shocked and find myself in complete wonder at the unexpected opposite of all prior experiences in my employment seeking efforts.

I have always had to do my best to tailor the wording of my application to boast of my accomplishments in former work efforts resembling this open position. I learned through the resume writing classes offered by the employment company, strategic writing skills to project myself, my knowledge, skill sets, and previous experience to be as close to a match of what will surely be a requirement list attracting the most talented and well achieved applicants.

What do I read in this employment opportunity? Wow! The owner and manager of this harvest field is looking for a group of workers that reads like nothing I’d expect to see in my wildest dreams!

I did some research into this company and am blown away at what the owner and manager has carried out in prior efforts. I read how many lives it totally transformed from what reads like near to complete failures to world changing men with miraculous stories, defying belief that any man of his own efforts could carry out. Spoiler alert… It wasn’t of their own efforts!

Listen to the legends of some men written about in earlier field work recorded in a book called The Bible!

Previously known from his resume.
– A murderer and a fugitive.
Fulfilled through the harvest training taught by the Holy Spirit, field work managed by Jesus Christ, in the fields owned by Father God.
– Led the Exodus Project, freeing over 2 million Hebrew slaves

Previously known from his resume.
– A trickster and liar
Fulfilled through the harvest training taught by the Holy Spirit, field work managed by Jesus Christ, in the fields owned by Father God.
– Fulfill His promise to Abraham.

Previously known from his resume.
– Denying he even knew Jesus during His trail just prior to execution on the cross.
Fulfilled through the harvest training taught by the Holy Spirit, field work managed by Jesus Christ, in the fields owned by Father God.
– Became the lead apostle in the founding of the New Testament Church. Known as “The Rock”

Previously known from his resume.
– His idolatry.
Fulfilled through the harvest training taught by the Holy Spirit, field work managed by Jesus Christ, in the fields owned by Father God.
– The wisest and wealthiest man to ever exist.

Previously known from his resume.
– Multiple failures
Fulfilled through the harvest training taught by the Holy Spirit, field work managed by Jesus Christ, in the fields owned by Father God.
– Destroyed the enemies of God with supernatural strength.

Previously known from his resume.
– A murderer and persecutor of the church, responsible for the execution of many Christians
Fulfilled through the harvest training taught by the Holy Spirit, field work managed by Jesus Christ, in the fields owned by Father God.
– Used to spread the gospel as the Apostle Paul. Wrote numerous books canonized into what we know as the New Testament.

Previously known from his resume.
– Adultery and murder upon first becoming king.
Fulfilled through the harvest training taught by the Holy Spirit, field work managed by Jesus Christ, in the fields owned by Father God.
– Became the great king of Israel and a grandfather in the lineage of Jesus.

If God can redeem and use the lives of these men in biblical times, he can redeem and use yours too, just as much today.

Brokenness should never keep you bound, rather release you to a greater life of purpose from what you have learned. A truly broken man understands the reality of John 15:5

John 15:5 (CSB)

I am the vine; you are the branches. The one who remains in me and I in him produces much fruit, because you can do nothing without me.

God has the power to use broken men to do great things. As chronicled in the Bible and throughout history, God has taken unlikely and often completely broken people and used them to fulfill His highest purposes and bring about some of His greatest achievements.

These stories from the Bible show us that God can use anyone, no matter how broken they may be. He can take a broken person and use them to make a monumental difference in the world.

God looks at our hearts, not our past. He is not concerned with our mistakes. He knows our potential. God can indeed make something beautiful out of our broken nature. He can take our brokenness and use it to bring glory to His name. He can use our brokenness to bring hope and healing to others. God does not need us to be perfect. He just wants us to be used by Him.

Now, let’s talk a bit about the enemy, the father of lies, the destroyer of families, the thief of dreams.

Although God will never define you from your past, the enemy will constantly try to remind you of it. Satan is a master of mind games, and with his constantly reminding you of your past hurts, either from guilt of what you’ve done and/or the victim of what happened to you. He plants thoughts in your mind until you believe they are your own.

An excellent example of “planting thoughts” is in the movie “Inception”, where planting a thought into a person’s mind in the past drastically changes the future. Another good example is the story of the rear-view mirror in an automobile.

This is very much the strategy of Satan. It is difficult to see your future when you’re staring at your past, and this is what he is counting on.

That’s why it is so critical we learn from yesterday’s mistakes but don’t stay too long dwelling on them. Victory depends on learning from them, then applying what you’ve learned to prevent future occurrences as much as possible. When a Christian can remain focused on the Truth of God’s stance on our past being cast as far as the east is from the west through the atonement for us at Calvary, we will not dwell on our mistakes. We’re going to make mistakes. We approach God in prayer, acknowledge them as the Holy Spirit convicts us, and ask for forgiveness. Then, think on the past mistake only long enough to learn from it from the point of view of not repeating it. We then release it thanking God for His Mercy, Jesus for the atonement, and the Holy Spirit for convicting us and working the lesson learned in us.

So, when you catch yourself saying in your mind “I cannot overcome what I have done” (or many other earlier failures), “I am not worthy or capable now”, etc. whose thoughts are those? Correct. It is Satan’s, not yours and certainly not God’s. Our enemy Satan plants all such thoughts.

The developed habit of a man who truly strives to understand that when left to his own mind, regardless of how close that mind is to God, he is subject to the influence of the lies that cause him to commit sin. Conversely, when he can finally grasp the atonement of the cross and the power of that act over the person of sin, Satan, he finds the freedom from his own mind and the full surrender to always seek and ask for the mind of Christ. He becomes bullet-proof against the lies of the enemies of God. As we commit to wearing the full armor of God, the shield of faith will extinguish every fiery dart sent our way for the intention of harm.

A man who has learned full surrender and obedience to is a force to be reckoned with in spiritual warfare and a very effective worker in the harvest fields of God!

If you ever feel you aren’t worthy enough to be used by God, let alone loved by him, just remember that Jesus used a bunch of flawed people to share Hope with a flawed and broken world. In God, we can only build within ourselves a fully surrendered man from a life of struggle and defeats intended to separate us from God and destroy us. Through our repentant heart and actions showing our commitment to the Kingdom life, despite our past, current, and ongoing mistakes, we surrender to the plans God has for us and the Spirit’s direction rather than our own. In habitually repeating this process over and over, we find renewal, mending, and purpose.

Jesus didn’t then, nor does today, call the equipped, He equips those He calls.

No matter what you’ve been through in life, brother, remember that the same power that conquered the grave now lives within you in equal power. You are worthy of life! You are worthy of God’s love! You are worthy of joy! You are worthy of a fulfilling purpose that will take you places you never imagined reaching!

This is the resume that perfectly fits the position openings currently being posted for harvest workers. I join you in sending mine today in excitement of being selected and sent into our Father’s fields, full of men’s lives just waiting for us to plant, nourish, and reap the harvest of their lives for the eternal Kingdom of God with their enrollment in the discipleship training for their opportunity to repeat the cycle.

God Bless,