It’s 5:00am as I start this writing. The night has been long with little sleep. I’ve just returned home from 3 days in the hospital and while grateful to be home in my own bed, my mind is wide awake trying to figure out what the future will be like based on what I’ve learned from the focused time with different doctors and medical professionals that came to see me. What feels like approximately an hour ago I found myself in that state I know as between awake and asleep, aware of my surroundings but seeing, hearing, talking to someone, etc. that’s not in my wake state environment but in my sleep state environment. What I’m going to attempt below is a conversation I was having with a man I’m expecting to actually visit with this afternoon from that between wake/sleep state described above. The catalyst for this conversation stems from two visits I had with a medical professional in the hospital, a beautiful young lady in Muslim or Indian dress attire and I realized that anything I share relating to my faith would likely contradict her beliefs, so I was careful with my conversation with that in mind.

What I was sharing as best I can remember;

Would you agree that every person ever born anywhere on the earth at any point in time all have come here from the same place of origin, all as one family of brothers and sisters, all children of one father – God? I personally have this belief based on the following scripture;

New International Version
“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”

If my understanding of the above scripture is accurate, all who have ever been born to this mortal life on earth, as well as all that will in the future, have at one time lived together before this mortal birth in spiritual form with our loving Heavenly Father. Each in God’s timing with earthly arrangements of mother and father, place of birth, date and time, cultures and general belief systems established based on all these factors, our Heavenly Father sends us to this new environment where we’ll gain a physical body and live a way different life than we’d known before being born here into our now mortal experience. We’ll experience a life where we’ll learn from a great number of choices presented us where the decision we make steers our life in one of any number of directions based on each decision. Each decision changes our journey’s direction sometimes slightly and sometimes in a major way.

Each day of our life here in this physical/mortal experience will hold numerous choices to be made from influences, circumstances, and experiences that day brings. Each decision we make changes our entire world slightly to major, but our world and who we are in character, personality, beliefs, etc. etc. are in constant change. We’re never the exact same person between any two choices, each developing and evolving us at every level of our being.

Now, of the almost infinite choices presented us where our decisions alter our journey and path through this life to what may feel like growth or decline toward who we want to become as a goal established deep in each of us, there is one decision that rules them all and is infinitely more important than all others. That one decision and the life we strive to live honoring it from that moment forward changes our life’s final path at the end of this mortal life. Most importantly everything relating to this one decision when the choice is presented to you, maybe once, maybe multiple times, but the decision when finally made decides everything once we die to this mortal body and return to the spiritual form from which we originated. I’ll add that we will have a new body ( as known here on earth ). That return, at a timing only God knows, will be the most wonderful day to all who made that one decision granting this special returning reception as part of the reward.

As you already know, that ONE decision that rules them all and is the most important we’ll ever make, determining not only the rest of our life here but our eternal life upon leaving our mortal experience and returning home is our decision to accept Jesus Christ as our Savior and Redeemer. That one decision among all the uncountable others we’ve made determines our eternal destiny upon death to the physical body.

As I visited with this beautiful young lady in the hospital room as mentioned above, who appeared to have a completely different view of the afterlife and who God, or the gods, that rule our life here and beyond are and are like, we can here and now have a beautiful relationship but may sadly separate for eternity based on our decision concerning Jesus Christ and His plan of salvation while we had the breath, heart, and mind to make that decision.

Now more than ever I believe as I make contact with every person I’m in the presence of I’ll wonder what their decision either is if truly set, or will be if not and still able to make. Will they return home to the loving Heavenly Father, our Savior Jesus Christ, and the awesome Holy Spirit that has been our guide from birth to death? Will they enjoy the wonders of this “Heaven” as we have learned will be our eternal home among all others that made the same decision during their mortal life? Or will they be unable to due to them making alternate decisions regarding their spiritual beliefs. Will they fail to make the one decision that determines so much? Our time here in this body and the learning experiences God presents us throughout life shaping our everything as to the person we are to the final destiny of our souls is His way of growing us to truly understand Him, His love beyond our comprehension, the same with His mercy and grace, but also His judgment.

My heart was sad as I realized in that moment once again that there are no two people on this earth, no matter when or where they lived that were not in the beginning all together as spirit children of God waiting their turn to be sent to earthly parents and a life so different from their current yet so critical to their eternal growth. However, not all we knew in that realm with return to live eternally with us in the presence of our Heavenly Father again with a much greater understanding of who He is to us and how grateful we’ll be to praise Him forever and ever for so many things, especially the reward of this place called Heaven that is beyond our wildest dreams in beauty. We are again in the loving presence of all we’ve been separated from who are now again fully with us. We are now in the the total absence of pain, worry, temptations, and all that proved to be so difficult while in that mortal experience between being with God as a spiritual body as He knew us before we were yet born here to earthy parents and returning home following that experience. All this thanks to the one most critical decision that changed our lives in every way from that moment to death. And now we reap the reward by being here in this beautiful place called Heaven and able to literally spend time with God our Father, Jesus our Savior, and the Holy Spirit, as well as all our loved ones . How can we ever express enough thanks for the Holy Spirit, our ever present guide, bestow-er of gifts, whose influence and bidding us to listen to His words and presence felt in our hearts and minds with the hope we’d take Him at His word and accept Jesus as our Savior  allowing Him to continue to guide us throughout every aspect of our life until that day we return home to reap the future decided by that decision and the life we lived following it.

We’ve all come from the same place, yet we will not all return to the same place. It’s so important that we allow Christ to live through us each and every day, each and every place, showing all who have yet to make that one decision that determines eternity what He is like through how we live our lives before them as He lives in and through us and the ever present guiding of the Holy Spirit guides our words, actions, and decisions as they relate to that person before us!

For me at this moment, I feel the Spirit saying “think on this as you also think so much about your own life and how it’s going at the time.” So as I deal with this current illness that is trying to weaken my muscles and mind to a devastating quality of life it’s time to change my focus as much and often as I can to the more critical things I am yet to experience before called back home. There are lives out there I may be able to assist the Holy Spirit through the example of my life and my sharing the words, emotions, love, and acts of service possible as guided and felt through His presence in me to another that so needs to accept Jesus and learn to live the life intended as a consequence of that decision with its ultimate reward.

I know I can’t help you Lord reach them all but I don’t want to miss any opportunity You’ve given me to be your vessel, helping You to change a life forever and be a positive influence to them as I allow You to live through me as best I can.

At this point in my imaginary sharing of the above with someone very special I’m expecting to visit with this afternoon while in that wake/sleep state that felt like a wonderful dream, I had to just get up and out of bed and do my best to write it down while it is still fresh. I hope someone choosing to read this will also be blessed and feel the importance of that ONE decision not only in their lives but to all they should have the opportunity to influence.

God bless you!

Blane Sheffield


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