I produce more than I consume.
I reject complacency, mediocrity, conformity, and dependency.
I am not held captive by fear.
I am fueled by vision and passion, governed by principles, guided by ideals and values.
I do not succeed through luck. I succeed through conscious effort.
I am not entitled to the fruit of another man’s labor. My life, my results are my responsibility.
I am not a victim of circumstance.
I am a victor by choice and determination.
I live by design, not by default.
I seek not the stale comfort of a safe harbor, but the thrill of the open sea.
While others complain about problems, I create opportunities and solutions.
I see abundance where others see scarcity.
I am relentlessly innovative.
I do not wait for “someday” happiness; I choose happiness now.
I am not afraid to act and fail; failure is simply accelerated learning.
I value persistence as much as talent and intelligence.
I trust my inner voice, not the wisdom of crowds.
While others gnaw on the bones of security, I feast on the meat of freedom.
While others criticize from couches and occupy Wall Street, I toil in trenches.
While others are blaming, I’m busy building.
I will not lie in my deathbed tormented by the thought of what might have been.
I will leave a legacy of service and contribution.
I am a Producer.

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